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Lyon vs Besiktas discusses UEFA Europa League

Football Betting Tips:

This UEFA Europa League match is a match between the Lyon Olympics will open the Palliative Piliayan Stadium. Welcome to the visit of Besiktas, the work of the Olympics Lyons is not good at this time, the loss of less than 3 shots together, the team went to Besiktas 5 consecutive best. Every item I have not lost anyone. The statistics of past encounters. The pair have met just one match and the same game, although the Lyon Olympics are not good, recently lost home to Lorient off the bottom 1-4, but they seem to keep on going this list. especially Which form in the nest around the past. Show that they are brutal, even the visiting team Besiktas are tough to lose. But it looks to be unstable, the odds to open the Olympics Lyons to “one child” risked to win the second best.

Betting Odds: Lyon Olympics per 1

Football Betting Tips: Lyon Lyonnais

Live Score: 1 – 0 or2- 0

soccer live scores: 75%


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