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Live score Celtic vs Rosenborg

Live score Celtic vs Rosenborg

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Live score Today’s Linfield Celtic to welcome Celtic to European football this season. This is the first Celtic game ever played. Celtic is Norway’s favorite team manager, Brendan Rodgers, will take his team to the top of the competition and look for opportunities to lead the team and we will see 2-3 goals in the door. Today’s Ball Game

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Live score

Even though his performance in Scotland last season, Celtic will be a strong and good team. But it will be tested in European football or not, it is a big challenge for the club. Celtic have scored 2 goals or more in all of their past competitions.

Rosenborg won just two games out of 13 recent games. Rosenborg was selected by defeating Dudek from extra time in the final. And this is another reason Celtic should win the game today.


live score

live score

Rosenborg has the chance to win Celtic. Next week in Trondheim, their home. Which is considered highly careless in the game Scotland. Rosenborg’s defeat in a friendly 4-0 last week against Lyon. It is evident that Rosenborg still has the work to do before visiting Linfield.

Head to Head

Both teams met last in 2001 in the UEFA Cup. Champions League Leagues Division The match ended with Celtic’s 5-2 victory.

Celtic Statistics vs Rosenborg

There were over 2.5 goals in Celtic’s six games in the last eight games in all competitions. Same with 7 games in the last nine games against Rosenborg.

Celtic odds on 1 / 1.5

Trick set: Celtic win 3-1

Ball Analysis 100: 80/100


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