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Live Score Bohemians VS Limerick FC

Ireland Premier League — Start Time: 5/24/2017 01:45 Wednesday

Bohemians VS Limerick FC

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Past performance

IRE PR 3/14/2017 Limerick FC 0-1 Bohemians

IRE PR 8/9/2015 Limerick FC 4-3 Bohemians

IRE PR 5/9/2015 Bohemians 2-1 Limerick FC

IRE PR 3/8/2015 Limerick FC 0-3 Bohemians

IRE PR 9/27/2014 Bohemians 2-0 Limerick FC

IRE PR 7/5/2014 Limerick FC 1-2 Bohemians

IRFAIC 6/7/2014 Limerick FC 1-2 Bohemians

IRE PR 4/12/2014 Bohemians 0-1 Limerick FC

IRE PR 10/1/2013 Limerick FC 1-0 Bohemians

IRE PR 7/6/2013 Bohemians 0-1 Limerick FC


The results of the team’s Bohemians.

IRE PR 5/20/2017 Bray Wanderers 1-2 Boothies

IRE PR 5/13/2017 bohemian 0-2 Shamrock Rovers

IRE PR 5/6/2017 Derry City 2-0 Bohemians

IRE PR 4/29/2017 Bohemians 2-0 Finn Harps

INT CF 4/25/2017 Bozeman 0-3 Shelbourne

IRE PR 4/22/2017 Dundalk 2-0 Bohemians

IRE LC 4/18/2017 Shamrock Rovers 3-1 Bohemians

IRE PR 4/15/2017 Bohemians 0-2 Cork City

IRE PR 4/9/2017 Sligo Rovers 2-0 Bohemians

IRE LC 4/5/2017 Bohemians 1-0 Carbin Tigre FC


The results of the past Limerick FC team.

IRE PR 5/20/2017 1 Limerick FC 0-3 Dundalk

IRE PR 5/14/2017 Limerick FC 1-1 Derry City

IRE PR 5/7/2017 Sligo Rovers 3-0 Limerick FC

IRE PR 4/29/2017 Shamrock Rovers 1-1 Limerick FC

IRE PR 4/26/2017 Derry City 1-1 Limerick FC

IRE PR 4/22/2017 Limerick FC 1-1 Salthill Devon Galway

IRE LC 4/17/2017 Limerick FC 0-3 Cork City

IRE PR 4/16/2017 Limerick FC 3-0 Drogheda United

IRE PR 4/8/2017 St. Patricks Athletic 0-2 Limerick FC

IRE PR 4/1/2017 Limerick FC 0-3 Cork City


Football Preview:

The Irish Premier League is a meeting between the bohemans will open the visiting of Limerick FC by the Bohemians to win another victory over Bray. De Rangers 1-2 stop statistics lost two matches down the side of the team Limerick FC form is not good at all. The latest home defeat to Dundalk 0-3 and not beat who is the sixth consecutive league game. The statistics meet five times, the last time the Bohemians defeated four times, the Limerick FC team defeated 1 times the probability of the game. Quite a bit of work on the scoreboard and not on the run, but the Bohemians have the advantage of atmosphere and cheer. Combined with the recent victory, the game is likely to make more confidence while Limerick FC are slipping away the game is terrible. The odds open to the visiting team a little. Secondary Garden “Boonshine” to look better then not lose.

Odds: Limerick FC to 0 / 0.5

Live Scores: Bohemians

Results: 0-0

Confidence Level: 75%


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