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Bray Wanderers do not win 3 consecutive games to play outside. Wanderer lost to Dundalk 3-0. Bray Wanderer has been suspended for two weeks, during which Bray Wanderer knives to cook and plan the race better.

Bray Wanderer defeats Derry City and Galway United in the latter half of June from 5 games to come. Wanderers defeated four games from eight games. Wanderers are ranked 13th in the league behind Dundalk and Shamrock Rovers.

Bray Wanderers can play in the home of Carlisle. Bray Wanderers won 2 of 3 games and lost just 3 of 8 games.

Cork City won the game after a 3-0 win over Dunedin.

Cork City have won 7 games in the league and have scored 55 goals in 20 matches.

Cork City are visiting Bray Wanderers. They scored 19 goals in their 10 home games. Bray Wanderers had a chance to score but the defense of their final defenses was defective.

Today’s Cork City Ball There is no chance of winning because of the main reason behind the recent European competition.

Head to Head
Cork City have won 4 and lost 1 in 6 matches against Bray. Wonderer

Bray Wanderers vs Cork City
Cork City have won 90% of the match. Both teams have scored 50% of them.

Bray Wanderers make up 70% of the home team.

Bray Wanderer Can not score just 20% of the play outside.

Betting odds :

Football result : Bray Wanderers win the odds

Live score : 0-0

Online gambling : 80/100

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