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Live Score Chievo VS AS Roma

Serie A Serie A Italy
Chievo VS AS Roma
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Last seen all over the list.
ITA D1 23/12/16 AS Roma 3-1 Chievo
ITA D1 08/05/16 AS Roma 3-0 Chievo
ITA D1 06/01/16 Chievo 3-3 AS Roma
ITA D1 08/03/15 Chievo 0-0 AS Roma
ITA D1 18/10/14 AS Roma 3-0 Chievo
ITA D1 23/03/14 Chievo 0-2 AS Roma
ITA D1 01/11/13 AS Roma 1-0 Chievo
ITA D1 08/05/13 AS Roma 0-1 Chievo
ITA D1 16/12/12 Chievo 1-0 AS Roma
ITA D1 01/05/12 Chievo 0-0 AS Roma

Overall work of the host.
ITA D1 14/05/17 Sampdoria 1-1 Chievo
ITA D1 07/05/17 Chievo 1-1 Palermo
ITA D1 30/04/17 Genoa 1-2 Chievo
ITA D1 23/04/17 Chievo 1-3 Turin
ITA D1 15/04/17 Garcia 4-0 Chievo
ITA D1 09/04/17 Juventus 2-0 Chievo
ITA D1 02/04/17 Chievo 1-2 Crotone
ITA D1 19/03/17 Bologna 4-1 Chievo
ITA D1 12/03/17 Chievo 4-0 Empoli
ITA D1 05/03/17 AC Milan 3-1 Chievo

Overall team performance
ITA D1 15/05/17 AS Roma 3-1 Juventus
ITA D1 08/05/17 AC Milan 1-4 AS Roma
ITA D1 30/04/17 AS Roma 1-3 Lazio
ITA D1 25/04/17 Pescara 1-4 AS Roma
ITA D1 15/04/17 AS Roma 1-1 Atalanta
ITA D1 09/04/17 Bologna 0-3 AS Roma
ITA Cup 05/04/17 AS Roma 3-2 Lazio
ITA D1 02/04/17 AS Roma 2-0 MEP
ITA D1 20/03/17 AS Roma 3-1 Sassuolo
UEFA EL 17/03/17 AS Roma 2-1 Lyon at the Olympics

Chievo floats and plays in the home without pressure on the side of the wolf. AS Roma also have a small win. To win the championship. But this game must visit. And the open rate is expensive. Shoot two balls first. To start counting on the game will not be sure. More than two shot opportunities. Would be difficult The host is hard-hit and shoots continuously. This game has played a game in front of the fans with the opening match to measure the team’s visit to the wolves, Roma looked at the game four games after two shots in the away. The host does not focus on the two children and the strength of the position, all motivated to win the championship. I have to cheer on the team before the two wolves to do it.

Betting Odds: AS Roma per 2.0
Online gambling: AS Roma
Live Score: AS Roma win 2-0 or 3-0.
Soccer Live Score: 7/10


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