Live Score Dundalk VS Derry City

Ireland Premier League — Start Time: 5/24/2017 01:45 Wednesday

Dundalk VS Derry City

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Past performance

IRE PR 3/14/2017 Derry City 3-1 Dundalk

IRFAIC 10/5/2016 Derry City 1-2 Dundalk

IRFAIC 10/2/2016 Dundalk 2-2 Derry City

IRE PR 9/24/2016 Dundalk 3-1 Derry City

IRE PR 7/2/2016 Derry City 0-5 Dundalk

IRE PR 4/2/2016 Dundalk 1-1 Derry City

IRE PR 8/15/2015 Derry City 0-2 Dundalk

IRE PR 5/16/2015 Dundalk 1-0 Derry City

IRE PR 3/14/2015 Derry City 0-1 Dundalk

IRE PR 9/9/2014 Dundalk 5-0 Derry City


The results of the team’s past Dundalk.

IRE PR 5/20/2017 1 Limerick FC 0-3 Dundalk

IRE PR 5/13/2017 Dundalk 4-0 Sligo Rovers

IRE PR 5/6/2017 1 Shamrock Rovers 2-1 Dundalk

IRE LC 5/1/2017 Dundalk 3-0 Waterford United

IRE PR 4/29/2017 Satal Devon Galway 2-1 Dundalk

IRE PR 4/22/2017 Dundalk 2-0 Bohemians

IRE LC 4/17/2017 Dundalk 1-1 UCL Dublin

IRE PR 4/15/2017 Dundalk 1-3 Bray Wanderers

IRE PR 4/8/2017 Finn Harps 0-2 Dundalk

IRE PR 4/1/2017 Dundalk 3-1 Rockhampton United


The results of the past team of Derry City.

IRE PR 5/20/2017 Derry City 3-1 Shamrock Rovers

IRE PR 5/14/2017 Limerick FC 1-1 Derry City

IRE PR 5/9/2017 Salthill Devon Galway 0-0 Derry City

IRE PR 5/6/2017 Derry City 2-0 Bohemians

IRE PR 4/29/2017 Derry City 2-2 St. Patricks Athletic

IRE PR 4/26/2017 Derry City 1-1 Limerick FC

IRE PR 4/23/2017 Sligo Rovers 1-1 Derry City

IRE LC 4/18/2017 Salthill Devon Galway 2-0 Derry City

IRE PR 4/15/2017 Derry City 0-2 Finn Harps

IRE PR 4/8/2017 Cork City 3-0 Derry City


Football Preview:

Irish Premier League is a meeting between Dundalk will open the home to visit Derry City by local Dundalk form good. The latest invasion of the Limerick FC 0-3 victory two consecutive successive side of the team Derry City to do well. The latest home defeat to Shamrock Rovers 3-1 is not the seventh consecutive game losing seven consecutive times, the last five met with the local Dundalk beat 3 times, the visiting team Derry City beat. Once and for all, one more time, the probability of Dundalk game is higher than average. I also have the advantage as a local. The game in the nest is already good (win 6 to lose 1), while Derry City, even after the form is tough to lose. But the team is not very tough. This appointment to meet with the real thing, Dunaldeh hard work indeed. Plus, the statistics of the invasion visit the field is clearly secondary. Therefore, to the locals, “Dundalk” to win the second best.

Betting Odds: 1

Live Score: Dundalk

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Confidence Level: 75%


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