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Live Score Norrkoping VS Eskilstuna

Live Score Norrkoping VS Eskilstuna

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Live Score Today, both sides entered the match. The Eskilstuna  team is a good team to play every game, while in Norrkoping, although disappointed in the European games and losses on the weekend to Gote. They have to spend more than a week to lick their wounds, even today, to play home games against weaker teams, they still have trouble finishing the scoreboard.

live score

live score

Norrkoping has a good time. This is a game where they will have the chance to come back on their way and have a winning ratio of 56% and an average of 1.47 goals per game.

Eskilstuna  are about to fall. They had only one win this season and scored just 7 points on the grid and 12 away from the hosts. They scored just 0.11 goals per game and 89% of the match ended in defeat. Lose 2 goals per game

The home side of Norrkoping ball slightly lower. However, the hosts were better overall and should have won this game comfortably, which made Norrkoping and both teams score 6/4, as well as smart betting here.

Head to Head

Norrkoping had won all five matches in the last two years. Until 2009, they won 2-1 at home to Eskilstuna  in May.

Statistics Norrkoping and Eskilstuna

Both teams scored 53% of the game in Norrkoping this term.

65% of Eskilstuna  matches.

Defense midfielder Marwan Baze, Henrik Castegren and striker Adin Bukva are still injured.

Betting price: Norrkoping per 1.5

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Live Scores: 2-1

Today’s 100: 80/100


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