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Live Score Palermo vs Fiorentina

Serie A Serie A Italy
Palermo vs Fiorentina
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Palermo Open field Stadio Renzo Barbera welcomed the visit of the team, John Fiore’s comment by the host Palermo contribution to cart it up already with the game system was also a major problem for the team. also, do not fall, and also caught a team plum usual side John Fiore Martina hard in the game, the crowd beat Inter Milan make unlocking your own game, they are a lot. is already Although the play outside the home, this acid with a superior, then I would definitely have to grind.
Betting Odds: Fiorentina per 1 / 1.5
Football Results: Fiorentina
Live Score: Fiorentina 3-1
Soccer Live Score: 7/10


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