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Live Score Randers VS Esbark

Danish Super League
Randers VS Esbark
Football Best Tips
This game is a Danish Super League football match between host Randers open the home to visit Sberbeck, the work of host Randers played 4 games with 7 points. The first of the table by the form of the last 5 games that have not done a good job to win two games to lose one game and always get two games together on the team. Play away Four shots scored 4 points in the third position of the table, the form of the last five games that do not work well to win just one game to lose two games, and always come up with two games from. The statistics that have met the two teams have been around for a long time, when viewed from the work of the team, Randers did a better job. I believe in this game, Randers, although the form of play of the team is not consistent, but the game is played in the home itself is confident that in this game, the raiders will be invaded to victory. definitely
Betting Odds: Randers 0/5
Football Results: Randers
Live Score: Randers 1-0,2-0
Soccer Live Score: 7/10


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