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Shamrock Rovers had their European league debut last season with a 2-0 win over Stjarnan last month.

Shamrock Rovers last season entered the competition but only qualified for the second round. Shamrock Rovers were eligible to enter the European leagues in 2011/12. Come.

Quality Shamrock Rover team has many gifted players in football games. Previously, Shamrock Rovers went on to win the Celtic team with a score of 9-0 in a friendly match past.

Malaga national team Czech Republic have entered the European league in season 2011/12 only season, after which they have just won again this season.

Shamrock Rovers are scoring more points in their respective leagues than in the past half. Shamrock Rovers have a better form of play than MADRID. Bolleslav has not had a chance to play in the European League for the last five seasons. The Shamrock Rovers from the Irish team are confident in winning the game.

Head to Head
Never met before

Statistics Shamrock Rovers vs Michael Bolleslav
# Los Blancos defeated 63% in the Europa League.

Betting odds : Malaga Boleslav 0.5

Football results : Shamrock Rovers

Live score : 1-0

Online gambling : 802/100

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