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Live Score Vitoria Setubal VS Vitoria Guimaraes

Portugal Liga Sagres
Vitoria Setubal VS Vitoria Guimaraes
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This game is a Portuguese football match, Liga Sagres is a meeting between host Vitoria Setubal opened the home visit of Vitoria Guinea by the work of the host Vitoria. Setubal played 30 games with 35 points, ranked 11th in the table. The last 5 games played well enough to win one game, lost two games and always come up with two games. On the team side, Visiting. Yugoslavia played for 30 games with 56 points in the table. The last 5 games have done a fantastic job, winning 4 games and losing one game. The two teams have met each other throughout the team, but when viewed from the work of the team, Vitoria Guillermo made a better job obviously. Vitoria Setubal is believed to have played in his own home, but the form of the team is not good enough to ensure that in this game Vitoria Guillermo will. Raiders to win the victory.
Betting Odds: Vitoria Guillermo per 0 / 0.5
Football Results: Vitoria Guimaraes
Live Score : Vitoria Guillermo 1-0
Soccer Live Score: 7/10


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