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Premier League is the highest league football league in the United Kingdom. Established in 1992 under the management of the English Football Association. The Premier League is a gathering of the top 20 English football clubs. There are currently only six teams in the competition, including Manchester United 13, Chelsea 5, Arsenal 3, Manchester City 2, Blackburn. Rovers and Leicester City one team at a time.
The original football league was called Football League One. The contest since 2431 (1888) and is considered the longest ever football league in the world by the year 2535 in the 1992-93 season, a major change occurred from the hole. Perth’s Murdoch (Rupert Murdoch), a business major communications network owned TV station Sky (BSkyB) to push the club to compete in Division one for the 1992-93 season, withdrew. To establish a Premier League. English football’s top league the last 104 years have ended the same way as the original Football League has changed its name from Division Two to Division One and Division else has changed as well.

At that time, it was a time when British professional football was down. Many events No matter the stadium is in trouble. Horror movie Also known as Huuligan. Destroy the image of English football Fire amphitheater on May 11, 1985 at the football stadium of Bradford City Football Club. During the match There were 56 people killed. The incident on April 15, 1989 at Hillsborough Football Club’s Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. People have killed more than 96 people each pedal also Heysel Stadium disaster that has killed 39 people, making UEFA banned English clubs from participating in the competition. European club cup for 5 years, the ball thugs to cheer to the team favorite. After the game, it will be horrible. Into the pub to drink until drunk Some of them are quarreling with football fans, local residents, sometimes chaos, violent riots or death. The Hayes tragedy comes from this group as well.

Many events make football fans can not watch the match peacefully. Due to fear of crossfire. Combined with bad conditions No facilities Or good emergency protection Many Britons decided to watch the live broadcast on home television. Instead of cheering on the pitch like the past 1980s, the club’s revenue from door-to-door revenue has dropped dramatically. There are only a handful of top clubs remain profitable only in the 1986-87 season, each club has a total net profit of 2.5 million pounds in 1989-90 season when the club lost 11 million pounds, making all capitalists do not dare to enter. Invest in this professional sports business fully. Many clubs at the time were reportedly close to bankruptcy.

After the incident at Hillsborough. The British government has appointed a committee to investigate the incident. By Lord Peter Taylor, Supreme Court Vice-Chancellor Chairman of the Board By the results of the inquiry, which is called. The Taylor Report has become a major documentary of the great changes in English football. Because every club needs to improve the competition. The amphitheater is important to watch. Do not have an amphitheater stand for the safety of spectators. The teams in Division 1 and 2 must improve to finish in 2537 and Division 3 and 4 to be completed in 2542, resulting in the stands, watching football, which is the culture of English football for a long time. Some of them are famous, such as Liverpool Football Club’s crown to finish. Although England has the most professional and amateur football clubs in the world. But most football stadiums are in ruined condition. Some clubs at the divisional level or two divisions still have wooden stands. Making improvements to the football field of this football club requires huge investment. Amid unstable financial status because of declining revenues. Some small clubs, which have a smaller audience, are using the standoff approach. The bigger the club, the better the financial situation, too. Because they can not use a small club to avoid problems.

The British government at that time had to be helped by reducing fees or taxes on football betting. Bring this money to a football fund of 100 million pounds to the Football League is allocated to the club, which is a member of the 96 clubs to improve their own stadium. But this budget is very little. If the average is equal, then the club will receive only 1.08 million pounds. While the top leagues of the league spend more than ten million pounds The big one in the divisions, so press the Football League to allocate more money than small clubs. If not completed, the license may be withdrawn.

Television broadcasting business
At a time when big clubs need this huge capital. An opportunity for owners of Sky TV stations. Submitted a proposal to the club in a regular season 1992-93 to withdraw from the Football League membership to establish FA Premier League. By the way, the station asked to buy monopoly rights to broadcast the competition at an expensive price. The first contract to buy exclusive rights to broadcast the match for five years (the 1992-93 to 1996-97 seasons) paid £ 304 million to the club. British TV only 44 million pounds over a 4 year period. Attracted to the club is very interested. Until some club executives, such as Alan Sugar, owner of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club The show was a mainstay of lobbying for other clubs in the divisions, one that would start the 1992-93 season in favor of the league.

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July 17, 1991 The Founder Members Agreement was signed to lay the foundational principles for the establishment of the Premier League. The new league system would run its own business. The Premier League is free to negotiate with sponsors. Including the right to sell your own television broadcast rights. Separated from the Football Association of England and the Football League, then in 1992, the 20 clubs have officially withdrawn from the Football League.

Subsequently, on 27 May 1992, the FA Premier League was founded as a limited company with 20 member clubs. The partnership depends on the outcome of the match. If any of the teams remain in the Premier League, they will be considered Premier League partners. At the end of the season, the club will have to give their partnerships to the newly promoted divisions of Division 2, which are renamed Divisions 1 (the current Champions League). Main It has the power to object such issues as the appointment of the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer. The principles of class or club floor fall only. But can not go to the Premier League only. These include various commercial terms and conditions.

With the compensation of the television broadcast and the benefits of sponsorships. The Premier League is one of the best in the world.

Buying foreign players
The long-term tradition of the English football club is that of the football team. Each club will send representatives looking for youth who have the ability to play football to improve their skills. By playing in the youth, amateur or reserve team, outstanding players will be selected to play in the first team to compete in the Football League. If the player is bought. It usually comes from a club in one division (former), buy a young player from the lower divisions, or from an amateur club outside the league. There are very few foreign footballers (not including Scotland, Wales and Ireland). Especially football clubs in Italy and Spain. Which often earned the nickname that you throw in. Many times, football clubs from these two countries pay huge amounts. Until the world record to buy only one foreign footballer.

But when the Premier League was born. The tradition of win over the football players of the English football club has begun. The tradition of creating their own footballers, though, is still down, but it is downplaying every moment. Because it may take a long time may not work. Fight for money to buy world-class football players not affiliated. That can attract football fans to buy tickets to the tournament more in a short time. The thrill of playing will quickly expand the fanbase. When Premier League clubs have a stronger financial position than ever before. So ready to do what has never happened before in history.

The new look of British professional football kicked off in the 1994-95 season when Tottenham Hotspur bought over Ulster Clinsmann, a German national football player from Monaco from France. Lynne Munn is amazing to the audience. He became a cheerleader in no time. Satisfaction with the club very seriously. The success of Tottenham Hotspur provoked another club. Dare to invest in a more global football player. Because the return is worth the investment.

In the following season, foreign footballers came to play in English football. In the 1995-96 season, Middlesbrough bought Juventus and Emerson (Brazil). Newcastle United Arsenal buy david berrick (holland), Chelsea buy koollite (holland), etc. 1996-97 season. Middlesbrough bought. Fabrizio Oravalli (Italy) Chelsea buys Chan Lugo V Alley and Chan Franco Sola Ta Lee) Liverpool bought Patrick Baker (Czech Republic) and Arsenal bought Patrice Vieira (France), etc. In the 1999-2000 season, Chelsea sent 11 players to play without a player. England or the United Kingdom are the first team.

In addition to footballers. Foreign managers have been playing in the Premier League until now. Whether it is Ars Vanguard, Hugo Lalit, Jorge Ulée, Rafael Benitez, Jose Mourinho, etc., even a highly traditionalist football club. Liverpool to adapt to the new system slower than many competitors. Until then, it did not succeed in the Premier League championship. (Unlike the Football League) and also has to adapt to the influx of footballers and managers of foreign teams. To win the Premier League for the first time.

It can be said at the moment. Premier League is one of the best domestic football leagues. To attract a professional footballer to the profession, unlike the Serie A of Italy. Or La Liga of Spain. The best quality indicators are soccer players who participated in the 2002 FIFA World Cup. South Korea – Japan hosted 101 footballers in England. And now there are over 290 Premier League footballers.

Big Four
Big Four means all four big teams are considered to have the potential to win this championship. It consists of Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea.

Later in 2009, the meaning of the Big Four has grown to 2 teams when they are trying to develop a team and buy a footballer at a price that is expensive for the team to succeed is Manchester. Hit And Tottenham Hotspur
Competition system
There are 20 teams competing in the system. Home and Away team wins 3 points, the team always gets 1 point and the team loses no points. Throughout the season, all teams will have to play 38 matches at the end of the season. Will have to go down to play in the Football League Chips Championship.

The top four teams will be playing in the UEFA Champions League. The first three teams will pass in the group stages. (The winner of the first round), while the fourth team will have to play the next round, while the fifth will play the original UEFA Cup (Uefa Cup) and the team that won the competition. Football cups in the country will be eligible to play in the Europa League. Automatically as well In case of 1-4 teams win the domestic soccer cup. UEFA Europa League qualification Will be ranked 6th and 7th Premier League instead.

The Premier League team has the right to European football. The conditions are as follows.


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