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Sylvain Marveaux: Newcastle winger arrested in fraud probe

Sylvain Marveaux: Newcastle winger arrested in fraud probe
Former Newcastle winger Sylvain Marveaux is one of four people arrested in a Revenue & Customs (HMRC) fraud investigation.

The French authorities have said that secret payments to players and agents during transactions between French clubs and the Premier League at the center of the probe are.

Newcastle and West Ham were raided on Wednesday when HMRC began 180 officers across the UK and France.

Marveaux, 31, appeared in 2011 in Newcastle in Rennes, and made 39 appearances.

He returned to France to join Lorient last year.

“Business as usual” in Newcastle
Newcastle General Manager Lee Charnley was also arrested. It was released Wednesday at 17:00.

The French prosecutor said 10 searches were carried out in France and four people were placed in police custody.

“The UK authorities suspect that secret payments to certain players, their agents or third parties can be forwarded so that they do not pay income tax or social security contributions can afford,” said a statement by The French prosecutor’s office.

French officials were invited by HMRC to support their investigations in July 2016th

It took nine months for the officers began their raids on both sides of the canal.

HMRC said it searched the premises in the northeast and south east of England and seized business records, financial records, computers and mobile phones.

The Olympic Stadium Park of Hamburg West Ham and St James Newcastle were among the places.

HMRC officers also visited the Chelsea FC offices “as part of its larger investigation,” a club spokesman confirmed.

But it is understood that the premises of the club are not attacked and no arrests have been made.

“Investigation creates instability and uncertainty”

BBC Radio 5 correspondent sports news live Richard Conway

The wheels of tax investigations are turning slowly – so all the sporting implications arising from these arrests and round-ups, long are unknown.

It seems on the face value that the Premier League points and status for West Ham United and newly promoted Newcastle United are safe for now.

However, this “ongoing” investigation risks creating instability and uncertainty for both clubs at a time when they need to both for different reasons most. HMRC surveys this scale are costly and are only done under the most difficult circumstances. That will not disappear anytime soon.

Rafael Benitez, the solemn promotion Monday, told reporters that it was good to work in a club where there is no return policy to eat, a not so subtle reference to his turbulent time at Real Madrid.

With Newcastle seized of documents and other issues that arise for his senior officials, he may have spoken too soon.
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